Hi, and welcome to Murat Akdeniz’s place!

I’m Murat, and you’ve somehow ended up in my little place of the web.

I was born in 1982, in

Kayseri ,Turkey… and I’m still pretty much stuck here.

I enjoy various activities like drawing cartoon, writing,  web design, and playing flute (Turkish:Ney).

Since I enjoy cartoons more than anything else, I have been working on my own cartoon gallery  for a number of years now.

I’ve been maintaining a website under the name of

Anything I do that I decide is worthy of showing to others ends up here (or on one of the two websites I just linked).

I hope you enjoy my work!

My Resume

You can take look at my resume by

My personal computing history

My first computer programming experience was on 1994 at one of my rich friend’s computer.  The very first code i wrote in BASIC was this:

10 Input "What do you want to eat",A$
20 Print "I would like to eat",A$,"too"

It was very difficult to understand the idea of variable “A$”.

Then i got my first computer, in 1996, was a Commodore 64 , and could be programmed in a BASIC.

Then three years  later  got a AIDATA brand Pentium II 350  PC with 512 MB RAM .  After the earlier machines that really only had BASIC, now I started learning Pascal and Borland Delphi, Photoshop 5.0 ,3dStudio Max and many more…

After a few years, I’ve discovered the internet and realized importance of web development. Therefore i started to learn PHP, HTML, MySQL.

Nowadays i am specially concentrated on project and vendor management.