Recently, i was working on project that manages incoming and outgoing documents. I was trying to move massive numbers of documents from file server to SharePoint document library.

To do this first i tried to use “Upload Multiple Document” button on document library, i was faced by item limit of 100 documents. Then i decided use SharePoint Designer, but again i was hit by failure. Because designer upload limit was 40MB.  Instead try to increase to limits from central administration, by the way it is bit of hard to convince the SharePoint admin to increase limits, i try to implement something by Microsoft SharePoint Client model then i realized that someone already done it.

SharePoint 2010 Bulk Document Importer” by Orbit One Internet Solutions and even it is Open Source.

I used it, it is very useful application.

How to use?

Command-line optionsAs you’re starting the program from a DOS prompt:OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.exe -folder:folder -site:url -documenlibrary:name [-createfolders] [-createemptyfolders] [-archive:folder] [-username -password -domain] [-authenticationmode:[Windows|Forms]]Required arguments:-folder: The folder that will be imported
-site: The url of the SharePoint Site
-documentlibrary: The name of the Document LibraryExample
OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.exe -folder:”\\fileshare\2010\documentation” -site:”http://intranet/2010″ -documentlibrary:”user guides”This will process all files in the folder \\fileshare\2010\documentation and import them to the document library user guides on the SharePoint site http://intranet/2010


The folder that processed files will be moved to. Files will be moved to the archive. Folders will never be removed.


OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.exe -folder:”\\fileshare\2010\documentation” -site:”http://intranet/2010″ -documentlibrary:”user guides” -archive:”\\fileshare\migrated\2010″

Import all files and move them to the folder \\fileshare\migrated\2010. This folder needs to be empty when the import is started

-createfolders -createemptyfolders

If specified folders will be created in the document library. empty folders are skipped by default but will be created when the “-createemptyfolders” argument is specified


OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.exe -folder:”\\fileshare\2010\documentation” -site:”http://intranet/2010″ -documentlibrary:”user guides” -createfolders -createemptyfolders


When specified hidden files will be imoprted. By default they are skipped.

-username -password -domain

Credentials that will be used to connect to SharePoint.


OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.exe -folder:”\\fileshare\2010\documentation” -site:”http://intranet/2010″ -documentlibrary:”user guides” -username:Administrator -password:******* -domain:litwareinc*

This will connect to SharePoint as litwareinc\Administrator. If no credentials are specified the credentials of the current user are used.


Windows or Forms. Windows is used is no authentication mode is specified


OrbitOne.SharePoint.Importer.exe -folder:”\\fileshare\2010\documentation” -site:”http://intranet/2010″ -documentlibrary:”user guides” -username:admin -password:******** -authenticationmode:Forms

This will connect to SharePoint as the user “admin”, using Forms authentication

For further information:


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